Abuse Of The System

emergency ambulance

A common joke we hear, is that the pizza arrives work quickly but the ambulance. Surprisingly a lot of 911 calls have absolutely nothing to do with an emergency. With a story in 2009 in Madison Wisconsin where a neighbor called reporting that somebody was putting Vaseline on the door and how they were afraid to touch it. There are even stories of people calling asking for directions to the mall to just stop playing a cruel prank calls. People have even been known to use a long distance ambulance as a taxi service to get to the doctor faster without insurance check. I would like to let the public know that the people in these vehicles have studied and trained very hard to help those in need; and by making aware of the nonemergency transportation services maybe it will help with cutting down on the frivolous emergency calls.

Do’s And Don’ts

When to call an emergency medical vehicle:

  • Traffic accident victim
  • Showing signs of stroke (slurring words without consuming any alcohol)
  • Experiencing tightness or pain in chest, back, arms, and lightheadedness (signs of a heart attack)
  • Child under the age of five with high temperature and stiff neck (meningitis)
  • Someone has overdosed
  • Someone has attempted to commit suicide

When not to call

  • Child has only obtained minor contusions (Bruise)
  • Child has shoved Lego up nose or other toy
  • Women in the early stages of labor
  • A cut or wound that is not bleeding heavily
  • You ran out of painkillers

There are many other ways that we can help out in the medical field. I either identifying when it is or isn’t in the emergency or by volunteering to provide services for those that are not in need of an immediate emergency. We can look into what services are provided in our area and try to create awareness or if there are not enough services available maybe taking the initiative to start one of ourselves. I truly hope you enjoy the article and found it informative and to all those already providing services we would all like to give you a big thank you.